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Mondays at 9:00pm
With: L. Michailidis &
P. Papadopoulos

    The Pontian association of Montreal has made a significant change in the structure of the Executive council. Konstantinos
    Daniilidis has accepted the Position of President upon the request of the newly elected council. With unanimous approval,
    including that of the outgoing council, Mr. Daniilidis declared that his intentions are to continue the superb work of the previous
    council and explore all avenues in order to maintain the high standard set by the outgoing members of the administration. “I am not
    here to change anything. I believe all the programs implemented in the last few years are fantastic. I accepted your request to take
    over the Presidency because I feel my experience will allow me to continue on the same path while adding another dimension to
    the fold.” Indeed the new Vice President, George Amanatidis, agrees, “We felt that in order to maintain the integrity of the
    association a change needed to be made. With Mr. Stefanidis stepping aside we realized we needed a Veteran to take the reins
    and lead this relatively young group. We are extremely happy that Mr. Daniilidis accepted our request. With his experience and
    passion we are sure we can uphold the high standard set by the previous council.”

    Originally from Veria, Greece Mr. Daniilidis was first elected President for the 1980-1981 term and since then has been an active
    member and an integral part of the association having been re-elected in 1991, 1996 and for two consecutive terms in 2001 and
    2002. This election brings his total up to 6 terms, only one behind outgoing President Terry Michailidis (7) and two shy of the
    founding father, Nickolaos Xaralambidis (8). Mr. Michailidis has long credited Mr. Daniilidis as one of the driving forces of the youth
    movement. Even now, early in his new term, he insists that he is there in order to return the Presidency to the youth and since
    history holds true than we have no reason to doubt him.

    During his first meeting as President Mr. Daniilidis announced that there is still room for at least two more people in the council but
    insisted that room can and will be made for even more than that. He invites all those interested in joining the council which
    includes second generation Pontians born and raised in the greater Montreal area, George Amanatidis (Vice-President), Mario
    Carachisarlidis (Treasurer), Effey Iordanidis (Secretary) and Maria Eminidou (Public Relations). “If you would like to contribute to
    your culture and would like to get involved, please contact us. It will not take much time from your schedule and I promise it will be
    rewarding. We all have to do our part to keep our culture alive here in Montreal.”

    You can request more information about joining this energetic group at

Pontian Association of Montreal elects new President