Called Giresun today also spelled KERESUN, city and seaport,
northeastern Turkey. It lies along the Black Sea about 110 miles (175
km) west of Trabzon. The older parts of the city lie on a peninsula
crowned by a ruined Byzantine fortress, sheltering the small natural
harbour. Nearby is Giresun Island, in ancient times called Ares.
Giresun was known to the ancient Greeks as Choerades or Pharnacia
and to the Romans as Kerasous or Cerasus. The name for the cherry
is believed to have been derived from Cerasus (Latin cerasum, French
cerise). Cherries have been replaced by hazelnuts as Giresun's chief
product. Other exports include walnuts, hides, and timber. An artificial
harbour constructed in the early 1960s greatly increased the port's
exports. Pop. (1985) 55,887.